How I Use Notion to Learn Coding


1. Notion is a perfect platform for your learning projects, including how to code

2. Active Recall Method helps you learn new contents more effectively than traditional learning methods such as reviewing and highlighting

3. Implementing Active Recall Method on Notion is very easy, and you can use it for learning how to code

Notion is an All-In-One app that you can use for note-taking, making to-do lists, organising files, and pretty much anything for organising your life.

I use this app for almost everything from planning my day to keeping my journal.

But I’ve also been using Notion for learning how to code as well.

My template for learning to code is based on the idea of the Active Recall Method.

Active recalling is one of the most powerful studying methods. It’s essentially a process of remembering information without looking it up in your notes or online. It helps you immensely to retain the information you just learned.

The process of active recalling can be divided into three steps; 1) taking notes, 2) making recall questions, and 3) recalling without looking up in your notes.

1. Take notes

Learning something almost always involves note-taking. Whenever I learn a new concept, a new function, or a new method in programming, I open Notion and take notes about them like this:

Notion allows you to write code inside your note, which is one of my favourite features of the app.

2. Make recall questions

The next step is to create a list of questions that you can use to recall what you’ve learned. Create a new section for Recall and start writing down questions about the topic you’re learni

3. Recall without looking up in your notes

The final step is to try to answer the questions without looking up in your notes or online. This step is what makes active recalling so powerful; by trying to recall what you’ve learned, you’re moving the information from short-term to long-term memories.

You can add stars (*) to the questions that you find difficult to answer. This works as a marker so you know which questions you should focus on more:

If you fail to answer some of the questions, then review the notes and try to recall again. Repeat this process until you can easily answer every question in your list.

Summary and the Download Link

While everyone has their own studying method, active recalling is what science proves to be one of the most effective methods to learn new materials and create long-lasting memories.

Implementing the active recall method is fairly easy on Notion, and you can apply the method for learning to code as well.

Download my template here:

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