Idea Storage for My Note-Taking System | How I Use mymind

February 14, 2021

In my previous video, I talked about my note-taking system which consists of two parts – idea storage and idea factory.

Idea storage is where you save new ideas and inspirations and filter out noise from signals by making highlights. Idea factory is where you bring these highlights to turn them into core insights and synthesise new ideas, using the Zettelkasten method.

There are various tools for thought, but I use mymind as my idea storage and Roam Research as my idea factory.

In this video, I focus on mymind and how I use it as my idea storage/personal library.

Shu Omi

Hi! I'm a writer/videographer. I make videos on Youtube and write articles about productivity, lifestyle, Stoicism, passive income, data science and education.

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