Refind — the Best App for Finding the Most Relevant Articles for You


1. Refind helps you find articles that are most relevant for you.
2. Unlike Feedly, Refind presents only articles it thinks you will enjoy.
3. Refind helped me reduce the time wasted on reading articles I wouldn’t even remember by the end of the day.

I’m addicted to reading articles. I could easily spend 2–3 hours a day reading on Medium or Feedly.

But I realised how little I actually remember about the articles I read.

If I read 10 articles in a day, I’ll probably forget about 8 of them by the end of the day because they didn’t have anything valuable for me.

So, the time I spent on reading those 8 articles (80% of the time) is just a waste of my time. I could have used this time to go to the gym, practice the violin, or call my mum.

What about you?

How much do you spend your time reading articles or news every day? And how much do you actually remember about them?

If you’re like me, probably not much.

This leads us to a question:

How can we minimise the time wasted on ‘bad’ articles, so we can spend more time reading ‘good’ articles?

I used to love Feedly as my default app for reading articles from various blogs and websites I follow. But the problem I had with the app was that it got quickly flooded with new articles. Every day, I open Feedly and find too many articles to be read. Eventually, I got tired of catching up and then utterly gave up.

As I was trying to find an alternative to Feedly, someone recommended me the app Refind.

Refind is one of the best discoveries I made in the past year.

It has most of the functions of Feedly; you can follow blogs and websites you like and save your favourite articles to reading lists.

But the major difference is that every morning Refind picks just 10 articles that are most relevant for you. Unlike Feedly, it won’t simply throw every single article in your face. It considers your preference/interests and presents only articles it thinks you like.

As they say on their website,

Refind helps you discover, save, and ultimately read more of what’s worth your attention.
Refind is not about news — it’s about relevance. About that one piece that moves you forward.

Of course, Refind’s selection of articles is not always perfect. I can find at least a few pieces that don’t interest me every day. But the great thing about this app is that you can improve its selection algorithm. When you find articles you don’t care, simply click on ‘Good Pick? — No’. This will modify the algorithm so it will choose more articles you like next time.

And if 10 articles a day sounds too few, you can increase it up to 50. I currently set it 20 articles a day.

Since I started using Refind instead of Feedly, my time spent on reading articles drastically decreased. At the same time, I began to find more articles that are truly interesting to me, which is precisely what I needed!

I’d strongly recommend Refind if you often find yourself buried with articles on Feedly or whatever other apps you’re using. It’s completely free and easy to use too.




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