Roam Research Course: A Complete Guide

March 13, 2020

Hey everyone! My name is Shu. I'm a data scientist/writer.

I've been using Roam Research for a few months and made many Roam tutorials on my Youtube channel.

So, here's the list of my tutorials :)

  1. Roam Basic - Useful Commands
  1. How to Create a Life Wiki in Roam
  1. Zettelkasten Note-Taking Method
  1. How to Take Smart Notes in Roam Research
  1. How to Create a Habit Tracker in Roam
  1. How to Set Your Goals in Roam
  1. How to Use Roam Research as Your Daily Journal
  1. How to Make a Master Task List
  1. How to Use Roam for Time-Management
  1. Roam for Studying - Spaced Repetition with Kanban Boards
  1. How to Plan Your Week in Roam
  1. How to Create a Resonance Calendar in Roam Research
  1. Knowledge Management with Roam and Zotero - Reading Articles
  1. How to Take Smart Notes from Podcasts

And more videos are coming up soon on my Youtube channel :)

Shu Omi

Hi! I'm a writer/videographer. I make videos on Youtube and write articles about productivity, lifestyle, Stoicism, passive income, data science and education.

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