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Everybody does some kind of planning, researching or studying almost every day. Whether you're trying to find a restaurant for a date or holiday destinations for your next vacation, or relevant paper for your academic research, it can quickly get overwhelming since our brain can hold only a certain amount of information. This is why having a second brain can improve many aspects of your life because it makes these things much easier by holding information for us which frees up space in our brain for thinking.
Personally, I've been using an app called mymind as part of my second brain where I save anything I want to remember. And I've been recommending it to many people because it's brilliant.

But I have to admit, it's not the cheapest app. It costs more than $10 a month which makes many people hesitate to subscribe. So, I started to look for a cheaper alternative, and so far the best ones are Evernote and Raindrop. You may think Evernote is almost dead but it's still great as an idea storage, bookmark manager or filing cabinet. But today, let's focus on Raindrop because it's even cheaper than Evernote and got almost everything you want from a bookmark manager like tags, collections, sharing and full-text search.

Idea Storage

To simply put, your idea storage is where you collect your inspirations and save things you don't want to forget or lose. That includes your favourite blog posts, videos, pictures, products you want to buy, places and restaurants you want to go or even important documents and PDF files. By saving them to your bookmark manager, you can quickly find anything, anytime you need it.

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With Raindrop, you can save anything on the web easily. It just takes one click to save a page on your browser. And it's really simple to save from your mobile too by using the share option.

One of the things I like about Raindrop is that when you save an item, it automatically categorises into articles, videos, images, documents and audios, which makes it easy to find items you're looking for.

When you click on an item, you can see the preview. I like this because it removes all of the annoying ads and other distracting things on the web-page. Or you can choose to see the permanent copy which is like an Internet archive, meaning you can see this page even if it gets taken down or disappears for whatever reason.

Another great feature is full-text search. That means the entire content of every web-page you saved is fully searchable. Say, for example, you want to find items about baseball. I can type it in the search bar, and it will show me the ones that contain the word along with the sentence that has the word "baseball" in it. This feature is important because it improves the searchability of things you saved. After all, if you can't find an item you saved when you need it, what's the point of saving it in the first place?

Anyway, this full-text search also applies to PDF files. If you upload a PDF to Raindrop, it will make the text inside searchable.

This might be great for students who read many academic essays and need a place to organise them. You can create a collection like School, and nested collections for each subject, where you can organise your lecture slides and academic paper.

If you're thinking of using it, moving from other bookmark apps is really easy. You can import your bookmarks from apps like Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Google Bookmarks and mymind. My transition from mymind was very smooth and took only 5 minutes.  
If you're looking for an affordable tool for storing materials on the web, Raindrop is perfect for you. You can use almost all the features except for nested collections and permanent copy for totally free. And even the premium plan is only $3 a month.
Personally, I already got their premium plan because it's super cheap. I use this app as my idea storage where I save everything I don't want to forget. And once a week, I go through Unsorted folder which is like Inbox. Then move each item to appropriate folders.

Also, the biggest reasons why I decided to switch to Raindrop is its integration with Alfred. With this integration, you can search your bookmarks in Raindrop with a command to find the things you saved instantly. This feature is so useful especially when you're making a note and want to see the reference.

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