Highlights, Literature Notes, Evergreen Notes from Books, Articles, Podcast I Liked

My notes are the lifeblood of my creative work. Everything I create on Youtube, my blog, my newsletter and my podcast comes from the collection of my notes.

This database includes:
1. My Roam Templates (How I take notes, Resonance Calendar, Evergreen Notes)
2. Resonance Calendar (Information I consume to create my own content)
3. Evergreen Notes (The notes I use to create my own ideas)

Resonance Calendar

My mind garden includes my Resonance Calendar, which is where I store the highlights from every article, book, video and podcast that resonated with me.

If you're interested in what kind of books/articles I read, I keep them in here!

Evergreen Notes

Evergreen notes (a.k.a. Permanent notes) are the most important notes for knowledge workers.

My mind garden includes the Evergreen notes I use to develop ideas and create my video and essays.

Here's the collection of my other evergreens.
And I'm adding new notes every week.