"3 Stages of Content Creation"


This is my theory about an effective way to build an audience as a creator.

At first, most people don't know what their niche is. We rarely know what kind of content we should make at the beginning. So, the first stage is to explore various topics. Just write or make a video about whatever interests you. Nobody is going to watch or read your stuff at this stage. So, don't worry about the quality of your content.

After a few months, some of your articles/videos start to receive comments and engagement. That might be a signal that you should dig deeper into that topic. Now, it's time for you to niche down and focus on the topic. Publish more articles/videos about it for a few months. Contribute to the niche community by providing value for free. Those people from the community are going to be your first fan base. Some of them become interested in you as a person, not just the topic.

** You want to go after small markets to build a monopoly rather than going after big markets like "Productivity", "Health" or "Tech review". These markets are huge, but that also means intense competitions. Remember, competition is for losers

Now you gained your first audience, it's finally the time to expand! You can now start making articles/videos about other bigger topics. With your first fans behind you, you now have a better chance to be found by more people!