"Happiness and Uniqueness"


Anna Karenina said "all happy families are alike and all unhappy families are unhappy in their own special way".

But Peter Thiel believes the opposite is true for business.

He says "All happy companies are different because they're doing something very unique. All unhappy companies are alike because they fail to escape the essential sameness that is competition".

But I think this holds true for individuals. If you doing the same thing as those around you, you will fail to escape the competition.

You have to avoid competition by being you, through authenticity, because no one can beat you on being you.

Also what you can do is to build Specific knowledge and build a Personal Monopoly to escape competition.


Naval Ravikant:

  • No one can compete with you on being you
  • This means that you can find an audience for your product no matter how far away they are
  • At the same time, so can everyone else
  • This is why you need to escape competition through authenticity. No one can compete w/ you on being you
  • When you combine things you’re not supposed to combine, ppl get interested
  • Joe Rogan: Comedian, podcaster, & UFC commentator
  • Take the things you're natural at & combine them so that you automatically, just through sheer interest & enjoyment, end up at the top in a few things