"Programmable Attention"

Have you ever had an experienced  where you took a note but never reviewed it again?

Spaced Repetition System (SRS) might be able to solve this problem.

Yesterday, I made a sketch about the discoverability of notes and wrote why it's crucial for your knowledge to compound over time.

If you can't find your notes or stumble upon your notes when you need them, it's almost the same as having never taken the notes in the first place = no compounding.

How can we make sure that the notes we take resurface regularly so we can remember what notes(i.e. ideas) we have?

SRS is a great method to program your attention. It's often used for memorising, but it can be used for thinking and developing new ideas too.

In this sketch, the dolphin is your SRS that constantly picks up your previous notes and brings them to your attention.

This way, you won't forget the ideas you've learned because your pet dolphin reminds you of them.

Andy Matuschak wrote a bunch of notes on this topic if you're interested.