About Me

Short version

Hi! Nice to meet you.

My name is Shu. I'm an ex data scientist, now a full-time creator. ‍

On my Youtube channel, I make videos about:

– Studying

– Building an audience online

– Making a living doing what you love, and

– Other random things I love (e.g. app reviews, passive income, health, filming, video editing etc.)

Long version

I grew up in Tokyo and moved to the UK when I was 17. I spent 6 years there studying Economics and Statistics. ‍

After completing my master's degree, I moved back to Japan because I got a job as a data scientist in Tokyo. But after a few months, I quit the job because I realised the corporate grind wasn't for me and wanted to do more creative work with time freedom.

It was a huge risk quitting the job to become self-employed because it would mean unstable income. But it's much safer to take such a risk when you're young with no family to feed. That's why I thought it was the best moment to take the plunge.

That's how I became a full-time creator in a nutshell. What's my goal now? Well, I'd like to help people build an audience and make a living doing what they love because I know how much it sucks to be stuck in a job you don't enjoy.

Let's see how this goes. But, if you want to follow my journey, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube where I share my progress and things I learned :)

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